Tissue Culture Sera

http://www.biocell.com/images/seratissueculture.pngBiocell Laboratories, Inc. processes a complete line of Premium Tissue Culture Quality (PTCQ) Sera.  The same concepts developed by the scientists who founded Biocell in 1972 are accepted today as the industry standard in the collection and processing of tissue culture sera.

The purity of tissue culture sera and reagents is critical because unlike the human body that has a system for detoxification, cell culture systems cannot tolerate the slightest amount of impurities.  Biocell combines meticulous raw material collection, specialized processing methods and unmatched attention to quality control to offer you consistent, defined and reliable products.

All animal sera are procured from certified healthy animals and collected under carefully controlled conditions.  All human sera are aseptically collected in licensed blood banks and are found negative or non-reactive to Anti HIV 1/2, Anti-HCV, HBsAg, HIV-1 Antigen and RPR by FDA approved methodologies.

All products are processed in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), and all processing is documented in Device History Records (DHR) in accordance with Device Master Records (DMR).

Testing credibility is assured by Biocell’s Quality Control/Quality Assurance Program as well as concurrent testing by independent laboratories.  Each shipment of Tissue Culture Sera is accompanied by a detailed, signed Quality Assurance Certificate of Analysis (CofA) which lists the assay results and the methodologies employed to obtain those results.

Biocell understands the need for optimal growth promoting conditions, and every step is undertaken in the processing of our tissue culture sera, from raw material collection to final product, to provide you with a tissue culture serum that is BEST BY TEST.

All sera is available heat-inactivated, irradiated or dialyzed. Standard packaging is in 100ml and 500ml containers, other packaging available upon request.

Viable Serum Protein (VSP) Agamma

Product Codes:


6101-00 Serum, Human, Fresh Clot, PTCQ
6102-00 Serum, Human, Fresh Clot, AB, PTCQ
6103-00 Serum, Human, Fresh Clot, AB, Male, PTCQ
6104-00 Serum, Human, Fresh Clot, AB, Female, PTCQ
6111-00 Serum, VSP Human, Gamma Depleted, PTCQ


6201-00 Serum, Fetal Bovine, PTCQ
6201-01 Serum, Fetal Bovine, PTCQ, Heat-Inactivated
6202-00 Serum, Neonate Bovine, PTCQ
6203-00 Serum, Cadet Bovine, PTCQ
6211-00 Serum, VSP Neonate Bovine, Gamma Depleted, PTCQ

Other Animals

6402-00 Serum, Equine, PTCQ
6411-00 Serum, VSP Equine, PTCQ
6501-00 Serum, Goat, PTCQ
6602-00 Serum, Sheep, PTCQ
6801-00 Serum, Rabbit, PTCQ 
6901-00 Serum, Mouse, PTCQ
6905-00 Serum, Rat, PTCQ

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