Bulk Sera – Human, Bovine and Other AnimalBulk Sera
Biocell Laboratories, Inc. is a producer of bulk diagnostic grade sera of human and animal origin and a leader in lipid technology for four decades. We are recognized as specialists in the processing of human and animal sera into exact protein matrices for controls and standards.

Our sera has been tested and their performance compared to fresh samples and their immunoreactivity is excellent.  The proprietary processing techniques used preserve the stability and integrity of these large, fragile macromolecules on bulk normal and fresh clot sera.  An on-site testing laboratory with extensive instrumentation monitors raw materials and materials in-process to ensure maximum stability, clarity and quality of bulk sera. 

Human Sera - from Defibrinated Plasma

1101-00 Serum, Human, Normal

Opticlear (Delipidized)

1121-00 Serum, Human, Opticlear
1121-01 Serum, Human, Opticlear, Heat-Inactivated
1121-03 Serum, Human, Opticlear, HCG Screened

Hypothyroid-Opticlear (Analyte Stripped and Delipidized)

1131-00 Serum, Human, Hypo-Opticlear

Human Sera - Fresh Clotted from Whole Blood

Human – Fresh Clotted  

1151-00 Serum, Human, Normal, Fresh Clot
1152-00 Serum, Human, Normal, Fresh Clot, Male
1153-00 Serum, Human, Normal, Fresh Clot, Female

Bovine Sera

Biocell’s animal serum products provide precise protein matrices for calibrators/standards, controls and diluents for diagnostics.  All collection and processing are done under temperature controlled conditions.  Lot sizes vary from individual pools to thousands of liters.  Biocell’s stringent in-house specification testing includes: endotoxin, microbial count, protein electrophoresis, pH, chemistry profile and is documented by a Certificate of Analysis.   
Bovine – Normal

1200-00 Serum, Bovine, Normal

Bovine – Opticlear (Delipidized)

1221-00 Serum, Bovine, Opticlear (Delipidized)

Bovine – Hypothyroid-Opticlear (Analyte Stripped, Delipidized)

1231-00 Serum, Bovine, Hypo-Opticlear (Analyte Stripped, Delipidized)

Additional Animal Sera

1251-00 Serum, Bovine, Fetal
1252-00 Serum, Bovine, Cadet
1402-00 Serum, Equine, Donor
1501-00 Serum, Goat
1652-00 Serum, Sheep
1700-00 Serum, Porcine
1851-00 Serum, Rabbit
1951-00 Serum, Mouse
1955-00 Serum, Rat

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