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Biocell Laboratories Inc. for four decades has been providing the leaders in Biomedical and Diagnostic Industries with quality Plasma Fractions, Sera and Custom Products. Our modern state of the art 35,000 square foot facility is ISO 9001 certified, and registered with the U.S. FDA, CA. FDA, and USDA. 

Bovine Albumin (BSA) and Gamma Globulin(BGG)
Biocell currently is the only U.S. producer of bovine serum albumin and bovine gamma globulin utilizing the Cohn Cold Ethanol Precipitation Process. This process is optimal for preserving the nutrient factors critical to the applications of cell culture, leptospira and microbiological growth.  (Other producers utilize the heat-shock process which diminishes the nutrients and contains residual caprylic acid.)

Each lot is CFR9 Viral tested, Mycoplasma screened and EDQM approved.

Fractions and Sera
Our long term experience in protein process technology combined with proprietary processes result in consistently superior products including:

Custom Products and Services
Our technical staff can custom formulate products to your specifications and assist you in designing those specifications. You can accelerate the transition from product concept to development to manufacturing utilizing our expertise and facilities.


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